Malcölm & Bentt is created by a dynamic team of young people who have a clear purpose: the design and development of an exclusive design watch and sophisticated aesthetics. A seductively elegant and of great quality watch, made with finesse and purity, that manages to transmit all our passion and illusion in it; turning it into a jewel with a timeless character that will make you fall in love at first sight!

When talent and enthusiasm come together for a shared dream, an incomparable team spirit is created. We are already a family composed of designers and architects, engineers, content producers, administrative staff and craftsmen who have one issue very clear: you are our raison d'être and we take into account all the details so that you feel the best sensations when wearing our watch and you wear it with all its splendour and brightness. You will not have seen a watch with so much brightness!

Malcölm & Bentt has manufactured a watch with a fresh and clean face, with excellent finishes, exclusive details and very soft geometric lines. We have bore the quality of the materials in mind, paying special attention to our straps, which are one by one hand-made with high quality European leather and have excellent durability.

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