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We are shipping from France or Spain. We will dispatch your watch the same day if your order is before 2 p.m. or the next morning if your order is after 2 p.m.

We will send you by express delivery: "BUY NOW AND RECEIVE IT IN 48 HOURS"

As soon as your order has been sent, you will receive an email with the tracking number so you will know where your package is at anytime. The shipping times will depend on the country to which he product is shipped. The estimated duration of the shipping in working days is indicated in the table below. 

Shipping times:





Express free shipping

24 hours

24/48 hours

2-6 days



In case of not being able to make the delivery due to the absence of the client, the transport agency will leave an indicative note and will try to contact him by telephone. After two unsuccessful attempts, the client must contact the transport agency to proceed with the delivery.

In case the client does not want to pick up the package or does not event want the package, the money will not be refunded. The client must take the package and in case he does not want it, return it as we indicated in our [Return Policy].

All orders are subjected to availability of the items. If there are incidents regarding your supply, or if there are no items in stock, you will be informed immediately, and we will proceed to refund any amount that you may have paid. If the delivery is delayed, cannot be carried out or can only be partially carried out, the client will be informed as soon as possible.

In the event that a product has been delivered damaged or incomplete, the client must inform the Malcölm & Bentt customer service team as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receiving the order) through the website [Form].

Subsequently, Malcölm & Bentt will decide how to deal with the issue. The customer must always inform us of the above-mentioned situations and wait for the instructions of the Malcölm & Bentt customer service team.

Any customer returning a product in these circumstances bearing the costs without having contacted before the customer service team or having waited for their instructions cannot claim the money back (nor hold Malcölm & Bentt responsible for the return shipment that occurred without the prior consent of Malcölm & Bentt).

In the event that the order Malcölm & Bentt have sent or is sending to the client has been lost, or in case the buyer states that he has not received it (even though the tracking data and carrier information say the opposite), the claim procedure of the transporter will be initiated and the resolution of the same will be awaited before making any refund or re-shipment. The client will cooperate in everything necessary during the claim process of the carrier. In case a shipment has been lost due to an error of the carrier (and once the carrier's claim procedure is completed), Malcölm & Bentt will return the money to the customer or try to forward the requested product.


If you place an order from outside the European Union, you may have to pay custom duties, taxes or fees. The customer will be responsible for all fees, duties and taxes. These must be paid upon delivery or after it.

Please note that Malcölm & Bentt has no control over the fees, duties and taxes applied by the country where your order is to be shipped. We cannot tell you what the cost will be since these charges may vary depending on the country.